Dear parents, caregivers and community supporters,

We would like to take this time to thank Kim Van Ryn for being our program manager for
many years. Her time and dedication has been deeply appreciated. We wish her great luck
and success in her new endeavors.

As a board we would like to apologize to you our parents, our participants, and our
community supporters. We believe that ALAS has changed from our original mandate to
provide not only a recreational program but a program that teaches life skills, vocational
skills, and gives a real sense of purpose to our participants. In the coming days and months
we will be working tirelessly to provide a real change that matters in our organization. Our
website will be changing, our communication will be stronger, and transparency will be our
major priority.

We believe that our clientele have the opportunity to do great things within Dufferin county
and we believe that given the chance ALAS can achieve greatness. As a board we would
like to thank you for believing in us and we would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

The Board of ALAS

Please check our website in the upcoming weeks to see all the new exciting changes.