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Pay For Service

We are a Pay for Service, Not For profit, Charitable Corporation.  
Our fee is $75.00 per day and because of our fundraising, we do not charge activity fees.  Thats just 9.38 / hour! 
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Our Awesome Team


Program Manager

Kim is passionate about family, friends, her golden doodle, teaching and doing yoga, and studying for her Bachelor of Arts Degree.

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Lead Support Staff

Colin is passionate about his family, friends, the outdoors, reading, and throwing stuff on the grill.

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Support Staff

Megan is passionate about her family, her friends, her pets, writing, learning more about developmental disabilities and finding fun wherever her and her friends go.

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Support Staff

Whether hanging out with family and friends, being active, making and eating great food, or being in nature, strong bonds and relationships form the basis of her life.

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Volunteer Options

ALAS Dufferin is in need of volunteers to assist in our day to day activities. We are open 5 days per week (except Holidays) from 8:30 to 4:30.
Any day or half day is an option, if it works with your schedule.
Contact if you are interested.

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